Nashville Weight Loss Program

You can lose weight and keep it off if you improve your metabolic health.

It’s science.

Work with your body, not against it.

Sustainable weight loss isn’t about willpower. 

Calorie-counting and the latest popular diet fad might help you lose weight quickly, but they don’t set you up for long-term weight management.

The most reliable weight loss program improves your metabolic health by addressing the whole person: mind, body, and everything in between.

At A Sound Mind and Body TN, we help you reach your weight loss goals using the principles of wellness, incremental lifestyle changes, and medication management.

The result?

A weight loss plan where you feel supported every step of the way. 

Call us today to get started.

Expect more out of your weight loss journey.

Our approach combines the best of nutritional counseling with tools used in medical weight loss programs.

You can set and reach your own manageable goals.

We address everything from diet to weight loss medication to obstacles standing in the way of the emotional health you need to sustain long-term progress.

  • Goal-setting.
  • Accountability.
  • Small but impactful lifestyle changes.
  • Customized medication plans.

It all comes together for the most effective path toward your new healthy lifestyle and optimized metabolism.

Lose at least 10% of your body weight by month 6. Guaranteed.

Kick-start your weight loss safely.

Weight loss medications or supplements that promise a quick fix aren’t sustainable. Stimulants like phentermine may suppress your appetite in the short-term, but they can also be habit-forming. 

Don’t trade one problem for another. 

At A Sound Mind and Body, we use non-habit forming GLP-1 medications to help improve metabolic functions and regulate digestion. These medications come with the added benefits of reducing your risk of developing heart disease and may even lower high blood pressure. 

They’re FDA-approved, safe, and effective in long-term weight management*. 

*In clinical trials, GLP-1 medcations demonstrate up to 15-20% weight loss. Our staff prescribe a variety of GLP-1 medications, including semaglutide and liraglutide, to find one clinically appropriate for you and covered by your insurance. You may know these medications under brand names like Wegovy®, Saxenda®, Ozempic®, or Mounjaro®.

Join real men and women enjoying real results.


We are here to help you navigate the challenges of the mind and body, and to live a more peaceful life through medication management, lifestyle modification, and reaching personal health goals.