About A Sound Mind & Body

Compassionate, comprehensive mental health care and lifestyle modification in Nashville and middle Tennessee.

Our Approach

Drawing on years of experience in the field of psychiatry,  A Sound Mind and Body diagnoses, treats, and provides medication management for mental health and weight loss clients. Referrals to suitable in-patient facilities and therapists are made when warranted, and every resource available is explored for care of our patients. We believe we are given a sound mind, and treating the whole person – mind & body – promotes optimum health.

A Sound Mind & Body collaborates with a supervising physician, therapists, and clinicians. Additionally, we check labs and assure the stream of patient care is seamless. 

Our Story

Carrie Lewey, PA-C

Carrie Lewey, Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C), is the heart of A Sound Mind Behavioral Health. She is a native of East Tennessee and 2013 graduate of Lincoln Memorial University – DeBusk School of Physician Assistant Studies. While stabilizing and treating acute mental health patients in the context of the Emergency Room environment, Carrie developed her interest in specializing in behavioral health, and subsequently trained at Center for Emotional Health, Charlotte, NC. She is an advocate for living the best life possible and is committed to providing mental health services to the people of Middle Tennessee. Carrie lives in Brentwood, TN, and when she isn’t serving her patients, she enjoys all things outdoors with her family.

Madelaine Long, PA-C

Madelaine Long, Physician Assistant- Certified (PA-C), is a graduate of Lipscomb Universities Physician Assistant program. Originally from Kentucky, Madelaine attended Western Kentucky University where she majored in Biology and Biophysics and completed a thesis on neurology research. Madelaine has always had an interest in psychiatry but discovered a deeper passion for it during her clinical time at an inpatient facility in Franklin, TN. She believes that mind and body go hand in hand and one cannot succeed without the other. She is devoted to providing the best patient care and helping others achieve their goals in overall wellness. In her spare time, Madelaine enjoys hiking, Pure Barre, and spending time on the water with her husband and lab named Beau.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Physician Assistant?

PAs are medical professionals who diagnose illnesses, develop and manage treatment plans, prescribe medications, and many serve as a patient’s primary healthcare provider. Carrie collaborates with a supervising physician and ensures seamless care for her patients.

What is a Psychiatric Evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a comprehensive assessment that takes place during your first appointment with Carrie. She will provide a complete evaluation, even if you have received a prior diagnosis, or were previously treated for a particular disorder. 

What happens at my first appointment at A Sound Mind Behavioral Health?

Your first appointment maybe in-person or via telehealth, and will be about one hour long.  You will need to bring a list – or the actual medications and supplements – that you are currently taking, as well as a list of allergies. We will talk about what treatment is working and what is not, and look at short term and long term plans of treatment and goals. We will also take a comprehensive medical, psychological, and family history.

Can I have an online appointment?

Telehealth appointments are a reliable, safe and convenient method for treatment visits. Carrie will create a plan to maximize patient visits through a variety of available options..

How do you determine if a person would benefit from medication?

For some patients, medication is an effective tool and may become part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Medication is not right for everyone and each person’s needs are different. Herbal supplements may be used instead or alongside medications. This can all be determined from a thorough medical evaluation.

Prevention and Wellness – can you help me with personal health goals?

Perhaps your goals are not treatment-oriented, but preventative in nature. Achieving your personal health goals is important to your overall mental, physical, and spiritual health. Whether you are pursuing weight management, responsible use of alcohol, or maintaining abstinence from drug use, we will support you in your goals for healthier living.

Will I have to be on psychiatric medication for the rest of my life?

Every patient’s experience will be different, depending on their symptoms and diagnosis. If you are experiencing a difficult season, your medication may simply be a help for that season. Generally speaking, our goal is to appropriately stabilize a patient according to his or her diagnosis, and after six months to a year of effective treatment, we will gradually reduce medication levels to the lowest dose that still allows each patient to feel good and function well.

Have More Questions?

We are here to help you navigate the challenges of the mind and body, and to live a more peaceful life through medication management, lifestyle modification, and reaching personal health goals.