There is hope.

We can help you navigate the challenges of the mind and body to help you reach your personal health goals.

Mental Health Care

Lifestyle Modification

Medication Management

Ready to thrive?

We offer comprehensive and compassionate mental health care, medication management, and lifestyle modification to patients of all ages in the Middle Tennessee area.

Every person has been given a sound mind, but it’s only by treating the whole person — both mind and body — that we can truly become whole.

If you’re on a months-long waiting list to receive the help you need with a new patient psychological evaluation or ongoing medication management, call A Sound Mind & Body today and put your journey to health on the fast track.

Behavioral Health Providers in Middle Tennessee

End the search for a “behavioral health providers near me” and work with a provider who will guide you on a journey to wholeness. If you’re planted in middle TN and seeking help for anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, or other mental health concerns, set up a consultation to learn how we can journey with you to better health from head to toe.

Weight Loss Support in Middle TN

Difficulty losing weight and maintaining overall health can feel debilitating, no matter how often you go to behavioral health sessions. Carrie Lewey, Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C) is passionate about not only supporting better mental health, but whole-body health, too. A Sound Mind & Body offers comprehensive weight loss services for patients in Nashville and the surrounding areas.

Sustainable Changes

1:1 Coaching

Weight Loss Medications

Long-Term Success

You can rewrite your story, too.

If you find yourself using words to describe yourself like “struggling,” “anxious,” “incapable,” “stuck,” “lost,” and “broken,” we’d like to help you find peace to redefine that identity. Our patient reviews are full of words like “calm,” “focused,” “grateful,” “new,” and “hopeful.”

Find out what a sound mind can look like for you.


We are here to help you navigate the challenges of the mind and body, and to live a more peaceful life through medication management, lifestyle modification, and reaching personal health goals.